Don't let Making Medibles (that taste and work well) feel like a Crapshoot

Are you tired of making marijuana edibles or topicals and just hoping for the best when it comes to getting the right dose? Do your homemade edibles often come out too strong? Or perhaps they are so weak they have no effects at all? Does the thought of trying to figure out how much marijuana to use in your edibles or topicals recipes and formulas intimidate or overwhelm you?

Sure with time and patience (and lost product) tons of people will perfect their recipes however, with the expense involved with our main "medible" ingredient (being cannabis), most of us just cannot afford to waste valuable time and product.

If you are a cannabis consumer, or someone you know is, then taking the time to learn proper dosing and how to use an online calculator is going to be extremely helpful. This is especially true for the following people:

  • Medical Marijuana Patients

  • Medical Marijuana Caregivers

  • Adult Recreational Marijuana Users

Taking a class on how to make medicated edibles, such as a Cannabis Dosing Calculator class, like this one for only $5 USD, is critical for saving time, money and cannabis!

When you learn how to perfect your cannabis cooking skills you will be amazed how easy it is to implement simple measures for best results. Learn with Cheir Sicard and discover:

  • How to determine your personal ideal dosage range, because everyone’s cannabis needs and tolerances are different and not just a little bit different, drastically different.

  • The differences in estimating THC and CBD dosages.

  • How to estimate the THC percentage in cannabis so that you will always be able to accurately estimate dosages, even when you don’t have the luxury of cooking with lab-tested marijuana.

  • How to calculate the amount of THC or CBD in each batch of marijuana infusion (such as cannabis butter, oil, honey, cream, etc.) you make, so you will always be aware of how much you are adding to recipes.

  • How to calculate the per serving dose for homemade edibles, each individual gummy candy, or the per application dose for homemade skincare products, so that you will always know what to expect when consuming them.

  • How to adjust your recipes before you cook so that they always carry the right amount of cannabis for the person who will consume them.

  • Easy to use dosage calculators, in both Imperial and Metric versions, that instantly do all the math for you no matter if you are cooking with cannabis flowers and infusions; concentrates like kief, hash, FECO or hash oil; or commercially made oils, and tinctures.

Enroll in a class today on how to make medicated edibles that work and taste good, Enroll for only $5 USD!

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