What Happened After That Unforgettable, Magical First Puff?

My marijuana journey started 11 summers ago…

when my hubby brought home my first baggie of weed. I was 36. We waited till the kids went to bed and headed out to the garden into the hammock big enough for both of us. I was giddy, excited to discover what marijuana had in store for me.

My previous adult experiences did not include any 'drug' experimenting, but marijuana felt different somehow. I was curious about it and wanted to experience it for myself. I had a background understanding of it being evil and I also had friends who used it and receiving many benefits. I couldn't wrap my head around these 2 strongly opposing views; the best way for me to gain my own understanding was to experience it for myself.

That first puff hit like a lightbulb! My senses slowed and heightened. The stars were beautiful, the hammock felt more comfortable, my stress and anxiety dissipated and I was present - completely aware of the moment. It felt like a huge relief from the tasks of being mom, caretaker, worrier - I could finally rest. Often marijuana will share little bits of wisdom - I cherish these. Sometimes they are wild and crazy and make me laugh the next day upon reflection and some are keepers. My very first bit of cannabis wisdom was:

"Life happens between the second"

This has been a guiding mantra for me since then. It reminds me that while I'm busy watching the clock, pushing to the next activity, goal, possession .. life is happening - quietly, without push, stress but with quiet flow and grace. And if I stop, take a breath, be present - I can see the beauty in the moment, see the stars twinkle, observe the fresh budding flowers in spring, enjoy the taste of a perfectly prepared steak, feel refreshed with a glass of cool, spring water. I'm so grateful for this gift marijuana has brought me.

Looking back, I can see how that first smoke session changed my life, opened me to new ideas, healing, culture and a deeper understanding of myself. Initially, it was a gift to help relieve stress and tension at the end of a long day homeschooling 4 kids, (one with Type 1 Diabetes). Then it became a sleep aid when insomnia came knocking. As I began to experiences side effects from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it became my pain reliever and anxiety squelcher. Cannabis has evolved with me and I'm always learning new ways it can support my health and wellness.

If you are ready to explore cannabis in your wellness journey, I invite you to be in touch and have a chat to hear where you're at in your health and wellness and where you might be feeling stuck. I'll let you know how I can help you reach your goals in a way that's simple and supported. Talk soon!

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