Pain...mine is constant, what about yours?

I have pain in my lower back from early-stage Spondylosis. It started in the winter months a couple of years ago. One day, I noticed this achy, tight, distracting feeling that never went away. Long car trips were quite uncomfortable, standing caused strain, bedtime was a constant pancake flipping competition. I started stacking pillows all around me, bolsters on my back, moved regularly, used heat, used ice and prayed for relief.

I discovered many tricks to alleviate the ever constant pain including salves, chiropractor, physiotherapy, osteotherapy, essential oils, baths, meditation, cannabis, exercises and paying attention to what foods made it worse. All these modalities are part of my healing process and sometimes one works when another doesn't - it is an ever-evolving dance. The one constant modality that works the majority of the time is cannabis. I started to use cannabis to help with pain management at night. I relied mostly on vaping THC flower and topical salves with THC and extra bonus - the nighttime THC helped curb my insomnia! I looked forward to my nightly dose and having the pressure from the pain lifted.

As I’m sure you are aware, I’ve been doing months and months of deep-dive research into cannabis and how it works in the body. I came across the concept of micro-dosing and was curious if it would work for me. I hadn’t done cannabis during the day to manage my pain because I didn’t want to be high. I’m pretty discrete with my cannabis use and very few friends and family even knew I used it for years before I ‘came out’. But then I thought - why wouldn't I manage my pain during the day too!!?? So I embarked on the microdose journey and started to incorporate small amounts of THC and CBD at the start of my day. I discovered that taking oil or tincture was more effective for this kind of pain relief than vaping, as it lasts way longer than vape/smoke and I could more easily titrate my dose. THC and CBD oils and tinctures generally have a label with the number of cannabinoids in each bottle. This is much easier to dose than figuring out how much I’m getting per puff. I was shocked by the results...I noticed that I wasn't paying attention to the pain anymore. My mind could focus on other tasks without the nagging distraction of pain. It took a few tries to get the right dose for me. Not too much, not too little - my sweet spot, which works for up to 8 hours of relief and I’m not high! On the days that my body is in more pain or I'm experiencing more stress than usual, I can add a little bit more to offset the intensity. Everybody is different, maybe the first dose won't be the right one, but it was worth it for me to keep trying till I found the perfect fit.

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