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A virtual B2B/B2C medical cannabis community for patients, practitioners and industry insiders.
Welcome to the Canna Consumer Discovery Network! A virtual medical cannabis community for consumers and practitioners to learn the latest, develop skills, make new friends, have fun and socialize.



Cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018. Though it has been used for centuries. If we want to explore the vast world of cannabis there's a lot more to learn, at least in this lifetime.


What's your experience with cannabis? Do you have training or looking to get trained on everything new in the world of legal cannabis? Sharing knowledge is welcomed here.


So many people are improving their lifestyles and functioning quite well day to day with cannabis. Learn, share and discover this thriving culture that now exists for Canadians.


Join the Canna Consumer Discovery Network! A free digital space for consumers and educators to learn the latest, develop more skills, make new friends, and socialize.

When the world got weird in 2020 the Canna Consumer concept was born with the intent to educate the public on the risks and benefits of cannabis. Out of our extensive research, we found good company in the connections that help us serve the cannabis community with these fine resources.
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Canna Consumer

Discovery Network

Join the Canna Consumer Discovery Network! A patient-led medical cannabis community for consumers and educators to learn the latest, share knowledge, develop skills, make friends, and socialize.


Learn how to take your cannabis flower and turn it into butters, oils, tinctures and tasty edibles. Save valuable time, money, wasted product, and have fun cooking with Pro Cannabis Chef Cheri Sicard. Eat Your Weed!

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Green Flower

Green Flower education has helped millions of people develop their careers in cannabis medicine from starting a business, investing in the space, cultivation to changing outdated laws.

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BIS Trainer

A company's duty to maintain a safe workplace begins with an employer and employees' appreciation of Health Canada regulations. Get direction and a clearer understanding of what's entailed to manage the complex topic of cannabis and the workplace.

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Medical Cannabis Mentor

Get evidence-based, doctor-approved medical cannabis education designed for dispensary personnel, pharmacists, healthcare providers and patients. 


Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS)

Specializing in cannabis education came naturally for for AAPS, a known leader across multiple healthcare disciplines. With a reputation for excellence, AAPS is a clear choice for business professionals wishing to gain job-ready skills in the Canadian cannabis industry.